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Sanne Meijer comes from a family with a rich artistic background, which has included musicians, ballet dancers and painters since 1800.

The most successful, Jacobus Betlem ( 1883 – 1950 ), lived in London and worked for Asprey’s of Bondstreet as designer, architect and artist. He produced, among others, miniature portraits for the “Queen Mother’s” sash, which was worn at all formal occasions.


It is therefore no surprise that Sanne started drawing and painting in her early years,though she only became a professional artist after her children had grown up and completed their education.

She studied at the Wackers Academy in Amsterdam, specializing in portrait painting.


Portraits are mostly commissioned though often Sanne will ask someone to pose for her, just because they are special, in some way.


She worked on several projects:  Ballet, Sumo, Kabuki, Japan, Landscapes, Faith, Rembrandt.

We hope that the small number of paintings on this site will speak for themselves.If you have any queries, please use the contact link.


foto Nienke Meek


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